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Change Your Life One Step At a Time

At City Harvest Church, our motto is"It's Time!" John 4:35. This simply means that we don't care where you're from or what you've done in the past. We are non-judgmental believers who love all people. We also understand that all humans make mistakes and everyone has good within them.

Seeing the Good In Everyone

Our Body of Christ refuses to be constrained by social parameters. If we do this, then we cannot truly claim to welcome all walks of life. Our mindset is to meet you where you are at the present moment and never leave you there. We'll direct you and expose you to the truth. It's the Word of God, which has the power to transform and set you free.

A Holistic Approach

We are a church that operates based on biblical teachings. We minister to you as a whole, meaning your personal, spiritual, and business life. We have tested this method, and it actually works in creating positive changes in our members' lives.


Society, as a whole, has been denigrated through cultural norms. There's good news, however. When you give your life to Christ, you will see firsthand that God wants you to prosper.


We want to make positive changes in the lives of our friends and neighbors in Victoria, Texas. Whether you're a nuclear family or single-parent household, we understand the many trials you may face. Our pastors will sit with you one-on-one and discuss how to change your life in order to reap prosperity.

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